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Chiropractic Care

Dr. K. Jenine McCann 

Dr. Jenine McCann does not treat like most chiropractors. 


She believes that every appointment should be unique to the patient’s individual symptoms and overall health and wellness goals. With this approach she is constantly modifying her chiropractic techniques to tailor them to her patient’s needs. Dr. McCann has a number of soft tissue techniques that she uses to help ease tight muscles, release trigger points, and reduce scar tissue. To ensure that all of her patient’s are safe, comfortable and receiving the best care possible, she uses a number of adjusting techiniuqes. Some of techniques include manual, Activator, Drop table, and Webster's for pregnant women. 


Jenine McCann, DC


K. Jenine McCann




Dr. Jenine McCann graduated from Queen’s University in Kingston Ontario with a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and Bachelor of Arts. Throughout her education, Dr. Jenine quickly developed a passion for natural health care, which lead her to New York where she obtained her Doctor of Chiropractic. She went on to own a wellness clinic outside of Ottawa for three years and enjoyed working closely with medical doctors, massage therapists, and energy healers in her community. 


After doing long distance with her spouse for over a year, Dr. Jenine and her dog, Daisy, decided to move to Vancouver where she will continue chiropractic care and work alongside Dr. Kody Au.  Dr. Jenine has certainly been enjoying settling into a new life here with the milder weather, picturesque views, and dog trails.  


Dr. Jenine developed a strong passion for treating pregnant women and children which made up the majority of her practice back east. She has taken a number of courses through the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), and has been certified in the Webster’s Technique for treating pregnant women. She is known for her gentle touch with these specific populations, for spending quality time with each client, and for tailoring every visit to individual needs. 

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