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Chiropractic for Newborns


Following birth, many parents enjoy bringing their newborn in to see a chiropractor to have their spine checked.


This looks and feels much different from the treatment you would receive as an adult. Adjustments on infants and children are very subtle and gentle and often described as a light vibration or “wiggle”. 

Although adjustments on infants are so subtle that many sleep or nurse through the treatment, these adjustments can enhance so many positive outcomes. 

Benefits include: 

-      Improved ability to nurse. If a baby’s neck is tight on one side, they may not want to turn their head towards that side to nurse or feed

-      Improved digestion. If their low back and pelvis is rotated from birth or the way they were positioned in utero, the message to their bowels may be inhibited causing delay in bowel movements


-      Reaching milestones on time like reaching, crawling and walking. Chiropractors who treat babies look for certain developmental milestones that can be supported through adjustments 


-      Improved ability to sleep. Adjustments have a very calming effect on the nervous system and often help sooth irritated or

fussy babies


-      Quicker recovery from difficult births, or instrument assisted births


-      Improved immune system function by supporting the messages that nerves send all over the body