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The Webster Technique
A specific chiropractic adjustment for pregnant women 

There is no other time in life when a woman's body changes as swiftly and purposefully than when she is pregnant. 


These changes in a woman’s body can be supported through chiropractic care. A chiropractor who treats pregnancy women will check to see that the woman’s pelvis is where it needs to be. Correcting any slight torque or misalignment in the pelvis, low back and hips brings a woman more comfort, sense of support, and allows her body to be working at its best to bring baby earth side. 


Proper alignment for a pregnant woman can mean less discomfort, more range of motion, the ability to breathe easier, a safer and less painful birthing process, and can help allow the baby to optimally grow and develop in utero.  

Benefits to care for mother: 

·      Prepares pelvis for easier pregnancy and birth by creating state of balance in bones, ligaments and tendons

·      Removes torsion of ligaments that support the uterus, potentially reducing tension in woman’s womb

·      Reduces interference to mother’s nervous system which co-ordinates all systems and functions


Baby in utero may also benefit from mother’s chiropractic care:

·      Allows more room for baby to move which would enhance proper growth and development

·      Offers baby the ability to move into more optimal position for birth

·      With proper fetal positioning, there is a significant decrease in breech positioning and the need for medical intervention